Microscope set MS06001

Microscope set MS06001

Rs 2,235

Buy Microscope set MS06001 from AUDIO VISUAL AIDS in Omartprint Vijayawada



(For use upto middle class) Power 100x-300x-600x set of 28 pieces as detailed • 20 cm Microscope • Spare Bulb-1 Age 8+ • Prepared Slides-2 • Condenser Lense Cap-1 • Blank Slides-6 • 3x.6x Magnifier-1 • Statical Slide Covers-6 • Instruction Manual • Blank Labels-6 • Window Box Size: 8¾”×3½”×8½” • Pair of Tweezers-1 • Per Set Rs. 1450.00 • Collecting Vials-2 • Stirring Rod-1


Dimensions 900 x 600 cm


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